Saturday, May 24, 2014

Today I met Chris

Trevor had to go into the lab today (wtf I am never doing a PhD) so I rode my bike to Roasters, a local coffee shop that he recommended to me with the caveat "It's really good, but it's like, the high school hangout." So far, they've played a lot of Alt-J and Vampire Weekend so I swear they knew I was coming. It's an eclectic, indie style coffee shop (whoa, that's new) BUT they have a huge garage door that they open when it's nice out, which is literally all the time. It was a nice place to hangout for the day. 

I was sitting reading yet another research paper and noticed a guy that, I kid you not, looked exactly like Buster from Arrested development (except for he had both of his hands) kind of awkwardly looking at my computer. He then sat at the closest table possible to me, in the shop. After a couple minutes, he stood up and pointed to my computer.

Photo for reference, I'm pretty sure he was wearing that exact shirt

Buster looking man- "What painting is that?"

me, laughing because I already know this is going to be the most awkward conversation of my life- "Starry Night, by Van Gogh, you like?"

Buster looking man, not making eye contact- "Oh, yeah, huh huh, (HE SERIOUSLY LAUGHED LIKE THAT WITH A STRAIGHT FACE, I'M NOT KIDDING.) you must be an art major then"

me- "Nope, microbiology"

Buster looking man, into his iced snickers latte- "mmasdfsfrff"

me- "Uh, what?"

Buster looking man, into his iced snickers latte, again- "I just said thatmsldkfs too"

me- "haaaa....sorry I am pretty hard of hearing, one more time"

Buster looking manthis time making eye contact(!)- "Oh...I just said, that's fitting too."

I then introduced myself and he said his name was Chris and he joined me at my tiny table. We talked for about 15 minutes. Chris was born in  Seattle and moved to the Tri-cities as an infant but has a strong distaste for his hometown. He prefers Portland and told me if I go anywhere on the other side of the mountains, go there. He also indulged me with his most recent breakup. He was seeing a girl who is a PhD physicist at PNNL working on electron microscopy (which then led into a tangent about Trevor). He said when she told him she was a PhD physicist he "was like whoaaaaa, I just have my A.A. over here." I then tried to ensure Chris, I bet he was plenty smart and asked him if he worked nearby.

Chris- "Oh yah but I get bored a lot so I just leave. They always say, "Chris are you going to get more caffine? Are you bored again? and I say, "uh huh" huhhuhhuh."

He then politely and abruptly excused himself and told me it was nice meeting me, and returned to work. I returned to Iodine isotope 129.

Happy Saturday Guys.

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